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Jesus Christ the First Network Marketer

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    Jesus Christ the First Network Marketer will help you discover how using word of mouth Jesus reached BILLIONS of people... You can too...  

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    • Understanding Word of Mouth Marketing

    • Learning how Network Marketing can benefit your family

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    "What an amazing book! It is so well thought out and insightful. The comparison aspect of the movement Christ started and the network marketing journey everyone who enrolls starts is so very similar that it takes on a whole different mindset to the possibilities of what you can accomplish here with the right "recruiting" mentality. I love that Curry further explained the parable of the sower. It has always been an impactful story of how to create the right attitude towards your recruiting efforts and every new network marketer will benefit from reading this multiple times!!!"

    Jesus Christ Network Marketer Testimony

    Tina M.

    Jesus Christ was the First Network Marketer

    Jesus Christ was the First Network Marketer that has ever walked the Earth! He had an amazingly unique service that He wanted to offer to the public and He wanted the most effective way to market that service. He chose Word of Mouth Marketing, more commonly known as Network Marketing. 

    This unique service He was offering to the world was nothing less than permanent Citizenship in The Kingdom of God and He had a limited time frame to work within – Just 3 1/2 years! He decided to train His top 12 Distributors and make them perfectly ready to duplicate the system that He invented and perfected. 

    He invested 3 ½ years of His life teaching, training and Jesus Christ the First Network Marketer Mentoring these 12 Disciples through parables, preaching and prophecy. He poured everything He had into making them ready to duplicate themselves into their own team of Distributors when the time was right.

    In this book, Jesus Christ the First Network Marketer, showcases the direct correlation between how Network Marketers are developed just as how the twelve disciples were taught by Jesus Christ.

    About the Author

    Social Entrepreneur Curry Russell has officially published his first book through the largest US Christian book publisher Xulon Press. His book “Jesus Christ the First Network Marketer” showcases the direct correlation between Christian Discipleship and Network Marketing Leadership development. 

    After joining a network marketing company Curry went to his first Network Marketing event in Akron Ohio in the fall of 2014. Throughout the day he heard from multiple speakers and trainers who shared information about how to help other people with the services that company offered. 

    The information was so closely aligned with the structure taught by Jesus to the twelve disciples that he walked up to the main speaker and asked, “Jesus was the first network marketer wasn’t He?” The speaker looked right at him and said “You figured it out”. 

    That one moment changed his life forever.   This vision to help Network Marketers understand Christianity and Christians understand Network Marketing has taken over 6 years to get out of his head. 

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    Curry Russell is currently one of the Top Leaders in a Network Marketing company building it part-time. An Airborne Veteran of the war in Afghanistan, a Husband and Father of 2 children.

    Curry has spent more than 20 years traveling the world providing technical guidance and support for the 9-1-1 Public Safety industry. He has been in Network Marketing for only 6 years Part-Time and has built a global organization of customers and distributors. 

    Having earned many industry accolades including 5 cruises, car bonuses, public speaking opportunities, Leadership conferences, and having been featured in an industry focused magazine.